Old stock car crashes

Bri tish S tock- Ca r Racing in the ss Home. Use "Edit-find" for your favourites, or just sit back and browse. If you have a favourite snapshot or story, tell me: spratton hotmail. If you stood on the terraces and cheered your heroes and booed your villains in the fifties, sixties, and seventies, the passage of years is naturally taking those drivers away. Let's leave them racing in peace without too many R. Thanks to Steve Palmer for this scan a four double-paged pdf file of the 18th September meet.

Seven races, all the stars! Jim Aspin: strong and stubborn. Jim built his own stock cars, and maintained them he was a lifelong mechanic by trade, and he retired from racing only when the rising costs made it impossible.

He always enjoyed a chat in the pits with the fans. Stock car racing has had a lot of farmers racing they know something about hard work, dirty hands, bad weather, and sheer grit.

The "Pan Atlantic Company" on the bonnet was our own business established to import secondhand V8s from the States. There were not too many people racing the Pontiac engines then, but one was Rod Falding who gave me some excellent advice on setting up my engine. Photo by Les Cotton. Below: Thanks to Steve Russell for this image of his Mallory poster. Mallory Park experimented with just two stock car meetings, both in I hear that someone did the "normal" stock car thing of continuing on three wheels, cutting a neat groove in Mallory's tarmac, and "that was it" for stock cars.

First, Warrington, Cheshire's Colin Taylor Here at home on the towing dollyand with Steve's son in the foreground. This handy fixture list and track list cost you a whole 2p back in Thanks to Ron Knight. Also from Ron, a shot of the 1 man Smithy at Coventry. Like the one above, this photo is technically outside my official 'boundaries', but what the heck. Tony Allen Ron and his wife also ran the official Tony Allen Supporters Club.

Brookes Garage also did fan club derbies, and here is their prize winning float at a Long Eaton event a lot of work went into this one. Dennis Irving was from Castle Donington, Leics. Dennis raced between and Here on an unidentified track, Dennis drives a Ray Watkins-built speciala very attractive upright-cab design. Thanks to Rob Harrad of Coventry, a lifelong fan and friend of Jim Potter, who has donated a bundle of top quality photographs from the sixties and seventies, I will now assemble everything Potter-related right here.

May as well show the lorry again outside Jim's business premises in Coventry; nowadays it would be called "eco-recycling-materials-logistics" or something fancy, but Jim was a scrap man pure and simple! Today he wishes he still had that Bedford "J" model lorry.The resulting impact and tumbling were the most severe tests thus far of both the new track walls and the COT. And McDowell walked away. The rookie's near-fatal disaster is a testament to all the advances in safety that have been paid for over the decades with the lives of the racers that came and crashed before him.

But it also invites the one thing that anyone concerned with driver survival should fear most: complacency. Set in a high-banked concrete bowl barely more than a half-mile long, the Bristol races are infamous for their close-quarter metal bashing, tight finishes, inflamed passions and huge crowds.

But the track is so small that there's no room for a tunnel to access the infield--team transporters and other vehicles use an opening at a gate near turn two to cross the track. Sometimes, that gate isn't completely closed. Unfortunately for him, the gate there hadn't been secured correctly, and his car rammed into the butt end of the concrete wall at well over mph.

And when that happened, the car shattered--every weld that could break seemed to have broken, all the body panels seemed to have flown off the car, and the floor of the car seemed to disintegrate. And despite all of that, Waltrip survived virtually unharmed. Though it appeared that Waltrip's accident was a fluke, it happened again a dozen years later.

And when he got there, he found that, once again, the gate hadn't been properly secured. He, too, hit the retaining wall and shattered his car. Then, one-upping Waltrip, Harmon's ride was hit by Johnny Sauter's car for extra destruction. Somehow, Harmon literally walked away from the crash.

Or that it doesn't know how to close Bristol's gate. From a field of 68 cars, 37 were involved in an incident that mangled plenty of sheetmetal but resulted in few injuries.

A total of 13 cars were wiped out and five drivers were hospitalized after incidents in the first of two mile qualifying races. Then in the second qualifier Johnny Beauchamp and Lee Petty both launched their cars up and over the retaining wall. Both drivers suffered severe injuries that effectively ended their driving careers. There were more wrecks during the itself, including one in which Tommy Herbert rolled his Ford Thunderbird so violently that the engine spat itself out of the car and flailed down the track.

In short, was the year that NASCAR learned that safety at a superspeedway like Daytona was a far more difficult problem than on the short tracks upon which most races were then still run. Ask any fan who was at the Rebeland he'll tell you that everyone there was convinced that Petty had died.

When his Plymouth Road Runner violently rammed the inside retaining wall and rolled along the front straight at South Carolina's Darlington Raceway, Petty himself was clearly visible in the shredded car, his arms outside the driver's side window flopping about.

Almost miraculously, Petty came out with all his limbs intact. Window nets soon became mandatory on NASCAR's top series to prevent just the sort of gruesome sight that had been on display at Darlington.

Additional reinforcements to the cars' structure soon came, too, as NASCAR race cars became that much more unlike their production car brethren. At nearly mph, a race car is as much an airplane as it is a car. If air gets underneath a car and lifts it up into the air, the aerodynamic forces at work are so great that the four tiny patches where the tires connect to the pavement can easily be overwhelmed.

During the season, Wallace's Ford Thunderbird took flight twice--once each at the Daytona and Talladega superspeedways. While the first flight at Daytona may have been induced by a tag from Derrike Cope or another car, the one at Talladega was surely due only to aerodynamic forces. As dramatic as Wallace's tumbles were, each barrel roll meant the energy of the car's momentum was being dissipated at a relatively gradual rate.

As long as the safety cage surrounding Wallace remained intact it was likely--as it ultimately turned out--that he would survive with only minor injuries. A flipping and flying car is one that's capable of leaving the track altogether and finding its way into spectator or crew areas causing unimaginable destruction. The solution was roof flaps, introduced for the season, which sit along the trailing edge of a race car's lid and open automatically purely by aerodynamic force when the car is turned around.

When the flaps are open they disrupt airflow across the roof and kill the low pressure formed over them.

Lift is dissipated and the car stays on the ground. Flips such as Wallace's pair back in are rarer now though not gone altogether thanks to the innovation spurred by his unscheduled flights.Contact: Mike Mulcahy — I will be running trans am next year and its time to make the investment in a new car very financially painful might I say.

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928 Of Dead People In Car Accidents stock pictures and images

I won the southeast majors GT1 with it this year. Its very easy and inexpensive to maintain and it will will not exceed the talent of almost any regional or majors racers. So that being said — why pay double for a car that you cant get the last couple of seconds out of anyway. It uses a lot of nascar road race parts so its very cheap to run and maintain. I also ran a at road atlanta with it! If you want to affordably dominate regional racing in SPO this is the car for you.

If you want a platform capable of winning the Majors regional series without breaking the bank — this is your car. I need the car through August and possibly september depending on when my new car is finished but it will come with a new motor and transmission and I can put any design wrap on it that you want.

Serious inquiries pm me and I can answer any questions you have. John DeBenedictis is maintaining the car and knows all about its capabilities as well. Why struggle with setup and waste tens of thousands of dollars on losing weekends when you can step right into a winning vehicle.

Offering this wonderful piece of history! The Torino of David Pearson. This was constructed for the Darlington race as a ci chassis. David has signed the car, and is fully documented with the correct Holman-Moody paperwork!

The car is available for viewing with appointment in Central California. This car is restored and is ready with a safety check! Can also be seen on RaceCarLocators. Engine recently freshened up. Will not travel. Sale includes team memorabilia, crew uniforms, team press kit, over the wall crew nomex fire suits and team merchandise such as hats T-shirts and models. See above pictures We have a complete paper trail of ownership and certificate of authenticity as well as a detailed photo history of the restoration.Discussion in ' Land ' started by DummiesmanAug 29, Dummiesman Expand Collapse.

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Joined: Mar 2, Messages: KaiserimnopYT Expand Collapse. Joined: Oct 9, Messages: 3, Funky7Monkey Expand Collapse. Joined: Oct 12, Messages: 1, So, with quick tests I just did with custom gear ratios, I found that it will reach about mph with the spoiler, and between and mph without the spoiler. Joined: Dec 24, Messages: 1, MilanKD Expand Collapse.There is something about this video.

I keep coming back to it. The music selection is what really cements it for me. It is a fantastic collection of vintage auto racing crashes.

Be warned, however, that it is difficult to watch. Some of the crashes shown were almost certainly fatal. Hit the jump for the video:.

This compilation has been set to A. The song, with its low, steady, dark tone, really brings both the romance and the reality of vintage auto racing to life. One thing that stands out to me in this video is how beautiful these old race cars are.

From the open wheeled Indy cars to vintage grand prix cars, they have such style, such character.

Motorsport Crashes Compilation (RARE!) (WARNING: a few of them are fatal)

Alas, most of those in this video were wrecked, and became a somber illustration of how dangerous racing once was. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Sign me up!A separate list compiles drivers who have died of a medical condition while driving or shortly thereafter and another section shows non-driver deaths. Safety in the sport has evolved through the decades. Technological advances in roll cages, window nets, seat mounts, air flaps, driving suits, and helmets as well as the HANS device[1] on-site medical facilities with helicopters, and SAFER barriers [2] have contributed to the prevention of further deaths.

This list covers both drivers who crashed their cars after suffering a fatal medical condition, i.

Top 10 NASCAR Crashes That Changed Racing (With Videos!)

This section includes bystanders participating in an event who were killed while on the sidelines. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. Abed Race Mexico Corona Series Drivers who have died of a medical condition [ edit ] This list covers both drivers who crashed their cars after suffering a fatal medical condition, i.

Different medical conditions contributed to his death on July 4,the day after his accident. Bob Hubbard". Archived from the original on May 10, Archived from the original on October 18, Austin American-Statesman.

old stock car crashes

Archived from the original on October 12, The Fresno Bee. United Press.

928 Of Dead People In Car Accidents stock pictures and images

September 15, Archived from the original on July 31, Monroe Morning World. Associated Press. June 21, The Daily Pantagraph. Bloomington, Illinois. October 26, Daytona Beach Sunday News-Journal. April 22, Reading Eagle. June 10, The Courier-Journal. Louisville, Kentucky. June 11, The Dispatch. Lexington, North Carolina. January 20, The Free Lance—Star. Fredericksburg, Virginia. The Blade. Toledo, Ohio. May 25, Eugene Register-Guard.Around 4-minutes of the most insane vintage race crashes.

We like to think that everyone walked away with their lives and most of their limbs. Iron Mike sits down to talk about his troubled youth that lead him to become The Badest Man on the Planet.

old stock car crashes

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old stock car crashes

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Old stock car crashes

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