Viking 130 vs rotax 914

The firewall forward kit is the standard package from Zenith. We measured the weight of the engine itself, plus all the related components. While I was surprised about how all the small stuff adds up, I believe that it is overall still the lightest engine on the market:. Share Tweet Facebook. Views: Interesting info, Oliver - I appreciate the detail! You state the FWF weight at Oliver's weight break-down is by far the most comprehensive and realistic!

I was surprised to see the actual operating weight approaching lbs!

My air-cooled Jabiru has a total including accessories, exhaust system, etc. However, that does not include the engine mount no idea what that weighs!

So, if one takes Oliver's figures and subtracts the mount's 12 lbs, the Rotax would weigh However, virtually all Jab 's in 's will require an oil cooler, slightly increased oil quantity, and associated plumbing, which I would estimate weighs a few pounds at most, so looks to me that the Rotax vs the Jab are very, very close to the same weight!

For accuracy and simplicity reasons, we had thrown all the bags with the smaller parts into a bucket after we zeroed the scale.

I thought however that it makes no sense to break it down that far since it was always a pretty random mixture of parts. I used the same scales as when I weighed our AeroMomentum engine, for which I ran a number of sanity checks to confirm the accuracy of the not certified scales. AeroMomentum is working on reducing the weight by 10 lbs, it will then however still be 40 lbs heavier than a Rotax Good reporting Oliver.

If the Aeromomentum AM15 hp is 40 lbs heavier than the Rotax hp then it is quite close in weight to the Rotax hp. Just noticed that you list 0. This is not correct. There is just 0. There would be some additional for oil hoses and oil radiator but the 3 liters is what flows from the tank, through the engine and then back to the tank. Thank you for the correction. From reading the instructions, I mis- understood that it would be 0.

This means the total installed weight, minus cowling, prop and spinner is Thanks, Oliver, any unbiased info of actual weight really helps clear the fog that seems to surround actual engine weight. Though engine weight is not listed, it's up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions about how a particular engine weight may have impacted the build through the average aircraft weight with that aircraft.

This list is strictly a factual compilation, and yes, there are variables, and that's why there's a listed average. I'm hoping to have more builders list their weights, particularly with the newer models and engines that are flying, we are lacking somer current models. I found is a reluctance of a few to list their true weight, so if you can send it to me in a PM it will be anonymous.

And I really appreciate those that have taken the time to list theirs, I'm sure it really helps other builders. Searching the engine I have found the mostly recommended Rotax hp.

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This is Viking hp. Thirty horses plus comparatively to the hp of Rotax is a good point. But I have found very interesting comment on the forum. What you think about the following. Remember cheap is not necessarily the least expensive way in the end.One of the most interesting features is a ballistic recovery parachute mounted at the far aft end of the Phenix. No radiator, fresh water hose, oil and fuel etc.

viking 130 vs rotax 914

Let me just say that the engine installation part of the process was straight forward and easily done with all the support I received from Viking. Engine is Rotax Entdecken, shoppen und einkaufen bei Amazon. The Rotax New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals Complete Kitfox model 4 - kit, partially assembled.

Thirty horses plus comparatively to the hp of Rotax is a good point.

Rotax 912 ULS Installed Weight

She comfortably seats four, three across the bench and one rear facing for a ski watch. RRP Best power to weight ratio! With more than 50Rotax-Owner. The operating cost should be less from Rotax, but the acquisition costs may be higher. The Rotax is a turbo-charged, four-stroke, four-cylinder, horizontally opposed aircraft engine with air-cooled cylinders and water-cooled cylinder heads.

We offer the whole range of non-certified UL series Rotax Aircraft engines. But I have found very interesting comment on the forum. Kawasaki STX 15F vs. As the old hot-rodder saying goes, "How fast do you want to spend? Honda Based Engines. Free air cooled cylinders, liquid cooled cylinder heads with integrated pump and expansion tank.

Viking 130 vs rotax 914

Rans s7 vs kitfox. Rotax vs yamaha jet engine Rotax vs yamaha jet engine The Virus SW is the most economic high-speed cruiser and definitely the fastest high-wing aircraft family in its category. Original Title. The Viking use a different mount and cowl anyhow. Engine is not modified internally so, stroke, bore, and compression are the same. Category:Rotax Quanto costa un Pioneer usato e avanzabile?

More info. The turbine is set to deliver a max pressure of 0,42bar. A Rotax is psi. Rotax - HP turbocharged version of Rotax engine. Plan on using a Viking for the B model. This turbo kit offer easier maintenance and much cheaper spare parts compared to the Even though there has never been a failure, we do not take any chances. Engine mounts for all 4-stroke engines.

The parts were readily available at an auto supply store.I know the Rotax engine is considered a lawnmower engine by some, and that it's not a Lycoming or Continental, which are based on as many have said, s technology, but really, why is it that there is so much hate toward the rotax? Just curious - I haven't searched all over and read articles, so I'm looking for honest opinions, but with a caveat that if it is an opinion, please mark it as so, vs fact, which I'd also love to have "marked.

Separately, from a technical sense, why do some say that a two stroke engine is a death trap vs a four stroke? If a cylinder blows, a cylinder blows and usually the engine is useless after that opinion in most cases. I know the P could fly with a Jug missing and I personally had a cylinder dying on me once and as long as I kept the power down, the cylinder stayed cool enough to get to an airport - had the cylinder lost completely, I would have had to put the plan down right there.

I've flew about hrs behind a Rotax 2 stroke and never had a single problem with it. It was one of the later model water cooled ones. There were some Rotax specific things that you need to keep a check on, like any engine. The air cooled ones had more problems.

I have no issue with them personally. I won't ever own one as they don't fit my mission for a cross-country mission. When I can no longer fly my Mooney I will hang up my spurs When I think Rotax I think of the para-pusher ultra lights For those that love them.

Good for you.

viking 130 vs rotax 914

They should know a thing about them. Cheers N. A large North American conglomerate. When comparing a two cycle small engine to a four cycle Lycoming, the end user considers buying a new Rotax at hrs compared to OH of the standard hrs.

I prefer to extend the OH period to 20 years. Having to top or OH every five years would add to the challenge of private aviationSkip to content.

viking 130 vs rotax 914

Viking For general discussion of the Just Aircraft family of aircraft. I haven't got an engine yet for my SS. I was hoping Superior was telling the truth about its Gemini diesel I was trying to get some info on the Viking I thought Viking had lost it's credibility a while back?

I tried to get some information, but it's going to take an evening of dedicated searching, so thought I'd see if anyone here has done any homework on this. I can't find the weight of the engine. Anybody up on this?? His name is Stan Albright. Jan Eggenfellner can put you in touch with him. Both of those guys are members on this forum. I think Stan Albright's Highlander is a also? Viking sent out an email to the members the other day, looking for someone with a crated Vikingwilling to trade for a Viking By the time I checked with them, 20 other guys had done the same.

They have been installed on many of the most popular kit built aircraft with repeated success. His videos are very helpful with both the installation and operation of the Viking There really isn't much information out there on the Viking yet. About two weeks ago I drove an hour south of me to talk to a guy installing the in his Zenith build.

Apparently the engine, as delivered, weighed in at LBS dry and that does not include the radiator or the fuel pumps so it will come in closer to or more pounds ready to fly.Belt and harness secured? You can have them build it all, or buy their injection setup, big bore components etc. Either way it's a lot cheaper than this engine. Now there are of course very real arguments to be made regarding warranty and other topics along those lines.

This is in theory a turn key, warrantied setup that manufactures will consider. Or of course considering another engine setup all together. Speaking of which, I wonder if the can utilize a mount? Makes a big difference if folks can buy this and drop it in place of a and have it maybe even fit inside the cowling without having to add GravityKnight style scoops and other mildly visually offensive modifications to make it work!

Almost expected the cost to be worse But then you start looking at the cost of a Lycoming that makes comparable power hp for example and they don't give those heavy, technology and efficiency lacking engines away either. As you pointed out, it's hard to find anything real exciting when working with a thin wallet me too. Not to mention I mean, I realize Rotax has been testing these for a while People always find a way to reak havoc. As my Dad would say about certain people specifically people who did something to deserve such a compliment!

I came across this video on YouTube that was recorded at Air Venture describing Edge Performance and the Rotax engine upgrades they mfg. After watching and listening to the video I was sold on the Edge Performance engine for an S The availability was reasonable, 2 months after placing an order. The cost was a bit disappointing though, the website has a price of 28, Euro's but I don't know if that is really accurate as Jason quoted me a price of 29, Euro's.

I don't know Rotax firewall forward but I think you still need to buy alternator, oil tank etc. For the power to weight ratio I don't think a turbo Rotax engine can be beat but it sure is an expensive proposition.

Every one I talk with who fly's behind a Rotax has nothing but good things to report but I am still looking hoping? Maybe a Zipper Big Bore conversion? Some would put their tongue firmly in their cheek when talking about Rotax and warranty, or, for that matter, Rotax and any kind of customer support.Margaret, Canada express iceland, June 2015 Thank you for the good map with all the suggested stops.

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viking 130 vs rotax 914

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Viking 130 vs rotax 914

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